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finj - Alternatives

[ L A S T   U P D A T E   :   2018-01-08 ]

What is this good for ?

Choice is a good thing !

Other packages propose FTP services for Java Applications the way finj does. Some projects are collected here to give you an overview of what they can do for you.

Comments reflect experiences from myself and other people who submitted them.

Feel free to e-mail me any package I missed or comments that should appear on this page.

        -- javier

name version url pros cons ? API - public domain
ibm-bean ? homepage - IBM Public licence
- rather complete
- restricted redistribution
- old-stylish code (no Exceptions)
finj beta 2 homepage - open source (LGPL)
- well designed and documented
- task oriented
- easy and flexible
- error gestion
- slow development
- incomplete
fooware 1.0 homepage - open source - have to test answers
FTP Bean 1.2.7 homepage - java bean - have to pay
FTP Bean 1.4.4 homepage - opensource
- java bean
- small and easy
- restricted redistribution
- can't write data to output stream
- no support EBCDIC/Locale transfer
- incomplete
jetty 3.0.1 homepage
NetComponents 1.3.8 homepage - opensource
- supports several protocols
- restricted redistribution
- fat and low level API sdk1.3 n/a - standard package - closed source
- no API
- error gestion
- incomplete


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