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finj - Project-o-meter

[ L A S T   U P D A T E   :   2018-01-08 ]

What is this about ?

Project-o-meter gives you a graphical hint on the level of implementation achieved by this project. You want to use the partially implemented classes ? then just check if what you want to test is already available.

Have a look to the org.finj.FTPClient API for more details on the different methods that have to be implemented.

Presently, finj can :

  • connect,
  • log in and out,
  • get server status information,
  • change working directory,
  • create directories,
  • rename directories and files,
  • remove directories and files,
  • up/download files,
  • up/download files in passive mode,
  • list directory contents,
  • list directory contents details,
  • use IMAGE_DATA_TYPE transfer,
  • use ASCII_DATA_TYPE transfer,
  • use EBCDIC_DATA_TYPE transfer,
  • append to a file.
It is not yet possible to :
  • use LOCAL_DATA_TYPE transfer,
  • execute SITE commands,
  • (re)start up/download in the middle of a file (if server allows !).
Consider we are working on it :)

        -- javier


Status bars :

  • status :  no information is available.
  • status :  implementation didn't start yet.
  • status :  implementation started, but don't rely on this method.
  • status :  will answer something... but maybe not what was expected; being actively implemented.
  • status :  implemented but not tested yet; or bug known.
  • status :  implemented and tested; no bug known.
  • status :  this never happened yet ;)

Details :

  • s---- :  started.
  • -d--- :  debugged.
  • --c-- :  completed.
  • ---f- :  foolproofed.
  • ----b :  buggy.
  • ----- :  'is not'.

FTP commands

FTP functions are listed here, the way they are in the RFC959-4.1.
Access control commands :
description command method name details updated
user name USER login(String, String) status sdcf- 2000-10-17
password PASS login(String, String) status sdcf- 2000-10-17
account ACCT setAccount(String) status sdc-- 2000-10-17
change working directory CWD setWorkingDirectory(String) status sdcf- 2000-10-17
change to parent directory CDUP setWorkingDirectoryUp() status sdcf- 2000-10-17
structure mount SMNT mountStructure(String) status sdc-- 2000-10-17
reinitialize REIN logout() status sdcf- 2000-10-18
logout QUIT close() status sdcf- 2000-10-17
Transfer parameter commands :
description command method name details updated
data port PORT setDataPort(short) status sdcf- 2001-04-15
representation type TYPE setDataType(int) status sdc-- 2000-10-17
file structure STRU setDataStructure(int) status sdc-- 2000-10-17
transfer mode MODE setDataTransferMode(int) status sdc-- 2000-10-17
FTP service commands :
description command method name details updated
retrieve [passive] RETR getFile(OutputStream, String, boolean) status sdcf- 2001-11-19
store [passive] STOR putFile(InputStream, String, boolean) status sdcf- 2001-11-19
store unique STOU putUniqueFile(InputStream) status s---- 2000-10-19
append (with create) APPE appendToFile(InputStream, String) status s---- 2000-10-17
allocate ALLO allocateSpace(int) status sdc-- 2000-10-17
restart REST getFileFrom(String, int) status ----- 2000-10-17
rename from RNFR renameFile(String, String) status sdcf- 2000-10-17
rename to RNTO renameFile(String, String) status sdcf- 2000-10-17
abort ABOR abortCommand() status sdc-- 2000-10-17
delete DELE deleteFile(String) status sdcf- 2000-10-17
remove directory RMD removeDirectory(String) status sdcf- 2000-10-17
make directory MKD makeDirectory(String) status sdcf- 2000-10-17
print working directory PWD getWorkingDirectory() status sdc-- 2001-04-15
list LIST getFileDescriptors() status s---- 2006-11-13
name list NLST getFileNames() status sdc-- 2001-04-16
site parameters SITE doSite(String) status ----- 2000-10-17
system SYST getServerSystemName() status sdcf- 2000-10-17
status STAT getServerStatus(String) status sdcf- 2000-10-17
help HELP [FIXME: WILL IT BE IMPLEMENTED ANYWAY ?] status ----- 2000-10-17
noop NOOP checkConnection() status sdcf- 2000-10-17

        -- javier

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