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finj - compatibility list

[ L A S T   U P D A T E   :   2018-01-08 ]


It happens that not all ftp servers strictly implement RFC-959. Some brands/versions give answers that are not expected where other just don't send them at all.

finj interpretes FTP server responses through the org.finj.FTPServerProfile and copes with those non-standard behaviours through implementations that extend org.finj.profile.StrictFTPServerProfile with only the known differences to the RFC.

This page is an attempt to collect those special cases to document them and the appropriate profile to use. This information will lately be used to implement an automatic determination of the profile according to the information transmitted by the FTP server at connection time. If you are interested in this task, let me know!

This page was started by a contribution from ???.

        -- javier
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